Conservative Republican

Experienced, Qualified, Conservative Leadership:

  • Financial counselor for local consumer group
  • Reduced unnecessary spending & improved transparency as Clearcreek Township Trustee
  • Instructor on budgeting, saving $15 million in interest and avoiding 175 potential bankruptcies
  • Former educator with 15 years in public and Christian schools
  • Grew small business from 1 to 27 employees
Endorsed by: Congressman Jim Jordan, Conservative Republican Leadership Committee, Warren County Right to Life, Warren County Commissioner Dave Young, Former State Rep. Seth Morgan
Republican Steve Muterspaw: Helping Families Succeed
Steve and his wife, Susan

How Can I Help You?

Conservative Values to Help Families Succeed

To Residents of Ohio's 62nd District:

As a 6th generation Warren County resident, I care deeply about our community and what we will ultimately pass on to our children as our legacy. It is my sincere desire to help ensure that unnecessary spending today does not oblige and overburden our children's tomorrow.

I believe that a responsible government allows more money in the pockets of its citizens to spend as they see fit for what matters most for their families, rather than paying ever increasing tax bills to support unnecessary government spending.

Join me and I'll stand to end unnecessary spending, evaluate our existing cost basis, and watch out for our state's bottom line.

Thank you for your support, and may God bless you, your family, and our community now and for generations to come.

Vote Tuesday, March 15th to help me fight for our families' future.

Steve Muterspaw