Conservative Republican

Experienced, Qualified, Conservative Leadership:

  • Successful small business owner
  • Financial educator for local consumer group
  • High school science teacher, public school & Ridgeville Christian School - 15 years
  • Wrestling All-American/Hall of Fame - Taylor Univ.
Endorsed by: Warren County Right to Life President
Conservative Republican Leadership Committee

Fiscally Conservative. Family Values.

Republican Steve Muterspaw: A trustee you can trust
with your hard-earned tax dollars
Steve and his wife, Susan

How Can I Help You?

Thank you! Thank you!

To Residents of Springboro and Clearcreek Township

Thank you! Thank you! To all our supporters, family, and friends that helped in securing the exciting outcome in this election. And thank you especially to the outstanding citizens of Springboro and Clearcreek Township for honoring me with the opportunity to serve you.

"We got the message out....and the voters listened." (JS)

It is now my goal to make sure I justify that trust. God's blessings to you, your families, and to our community.

All the best!

Steve Muterspaw